The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan

Another amazing book uncle rick good job. The worst part of the book was how annoying and vain Apollo could be at the beginning of the book, but he was a god and then was suddenly a mortal. I mean its like getting promised a pet but receiving a toy. This book was different from the other PJO books because it was only gotten from Apollo’s point of view. The plot twist were also good. I also enjoyed the character development i mean Apollo went from a whining god concerned with no one but himself and at the end he truly cared for everyone at camp half-blood.  The novel took place at camp half-blood in the present.

Short Summary: The novel is about the trials Apollo must face so that he may return to Olympus. Meg McCaffrey claims Apollo’s service so he must do everything she tells him to. Meg helps him on his journey to save the Oracles.



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