Top Ten Tuesday:Why books are better than the movies

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme that was created by The Broke and The Bookish.

1. You get to decide how long the book lasts

Movies usually aren’t any longer than two hours long, where as books you can make last for a week or you can read them in a day.

2. Books are portable

Books you can just pick up and carry where ever you’re going. Movies not so much, DVD players require batteries and are to small and bulky.

3. Books can be freely imagined

You can use your imagination freely when you are reading a book. You can picture a character any way you choose. Okay, so the author tells you a character has red hair. Now you can ask yourself, does she have dark red hair, or light red hair, or is it a reddish brown?

4. So many cuts and jumps

Movies cut out soooo many important parts of books, and also jump from book to book when it is part of a series. Just take the Percy Jackson movies as an example. I mean half of the first movie  “The lightning Thief” has stuff from the fourth book in it. The only people I’ve met that liked the book haven’t read the books.

5. You can live in the book

You can see things more visually and clearly in a movie sometimes, but when you read a book you aren’t reading about hunting with Jace, Clary, Alec, and Izzy, you ARE hunting with them. So yeah cats, take that! You have nine lives, I have hundreds.

6. WAY more detail

Movies don’t have much detail. Yes there is more visual detail, but that’s about it. Emotional and other details, not really, you can’t usually tell when someones acting if their character is just sad or if it is more extreme. Why? Because there isn’t enough detail.

7. They can’t be ruined by bad acting

Book character can’t be ruined by bad acting in a book because… no one is acting. It’s just the character being the character, not a person trying to be a character. But when an actor/ actress plays a book character usually some really important traits to that character just don’t get played right.

8. Books are usually cheaper

The average paper book sells at $7.00, hardcover at $27.00. In comparison the average Blu-ray DVD costs $25.00. So yeah about 3 books or one movie. I’ll take three books, thank you!

9. Books let you know what the character is thinking

You usually don’t know what a character is thinking in a movie. Reading the Maximum Ride, series I don’t understand how a movie would display her thoughts because she is usually thinking or talking to the voice in her head.

10.Reading is a great way to relax

Reading is just a great way to unwind*.


*Unless you are at a part full of feels and you’re either sobbing, throwing your book , or yelling.


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