Things I wrote in my Childhood

OK these are some weird stories and poems. I’m going to keep all the spelling and grammatical errors just so you can see how I wrote in second grade.

Edword(Edward) the sining (singing) Donkey

Edword was a docky(donkey) with lite brown with a tail stripe of black. Edword was a sining(singing) donkey. And one day Edword sied I want to rule the world, I have to let evryone know with a sie(sigh) some how. So one day Edword moved to Los Angelos (Los Angeles). I need a new due. How about I die? my hair pink, and purple, and red? Now that I got that done I wan’t spikey hair. Bet the spikes gust(just) fell down. Now I shod(should) get close. ,,Who are you?,, seid the Mayor. The Mayor had Blue eyes and a mustache and had Purpul(purple) and blue poc a doted (Polka-dotted) skin. I’m Edword and I will roul(rule) the world and all (I’ll?) tell it to everyone in a song. Seid Edoword. ,,I guess I’ll need a band name how a bout the kining (king?) No, Everyone lisen to me No way, yea thats it The Ruler,I’ts perfect,,,. Sid Edword. Lets go shopclothing thunder sheirts are the coolest,, seid Edword,, and litning (lightning) pants are so now.,, ,, Now I have to find war (where) I proform, Tar (there) is a lot to be done. How about Do you got what it takes I like thatmm, sonds (sounds) grate(great),, Now I must oderder(order) Jerseys, Dresses, sherts, Pants, skirts, pjs, and sllipeirs (slippers). But first lets go home and print the poters post the posters, print the new posters I wonder how thay shoud look. Mabey me and a gatar and the back ground can be fier. Time to order the dresses. Time to order the shirts. Time to order the pants. Time to order the skeirts. Time to order the Pjamas. Time to order the slipers. You should decorate,, How about I do flames of FIER and a big skreen( No clue what word that was supposed to be). Time to do tickets,, it will say The ruler! ,, Let the reuler parakets(parakeets?) everything so it’s pefect(perfect),, ,, I will be the ruler for everoyah(everyone?) I’ll be inchag(in charge) You! Thank you thank you thank you vary much. Edword sang. And the Onayence (Audience) did not like it at all,, why are you throwing fruits and vegies at me,, sid Edword. I didet (didn’t) get my dream bu tit was fun. Lets try at chcogo(Chicago). Now

Ok so next up is  a poem I wrote with two different variations.


math is good.

math is great.

Math helps

us with



Math is good

math is great

we all like

math yipa


version two


is good

math is

great math helps us with our brains

we learn new things that is true

we like



(It was suposed to look like a +)

Well that’s what I wrote like back in second grade. I liked writing about overthrowing the human race and ruling the world. Do you have any stories from when you were a kid? Comment them if you want I would love to read them. Hey maybe I wasn’t the only one that was secretly planning the downfall of the world at age eight. Let me know if you would like me to keep publishing little poems and stories that I wrote when I was a little child by commenting or hitting that like button down below.


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