About Me

Hi I’m Laylah and like most of you I love to read. When it comes down to getting rid of books or television I would say be gone TV! without a doubt in my mind. ¬†Though my favorite TV shows are Doctor Who, Merlin, and Sherlock. My favorite books are The mortal instruments and everything that comes with it, and the Percy Jackson/ heros of Olympus, and the Magnus chase books. I love books because they are a way of learning about yourselves. It is amazing to read a book and be able to see bits and pieces of yourself in a character. I would also say books are some of the best medicines they can help you in so many ways. I can’t wait to share my opinion with you guys, but it is only my opinion you may disagree with some and that is fine.

I have three brothers and three sisters. I like to spend my summers reading a book by the pool, and I like to spend my winters curled up on the couch with hot chocolate reading a book.